Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Long Time No Blog.....

It has been a LONG time since I updated my blog and I have missed you all!!!!!!

 I have tried to keep up but life just seem to get in the way.   Speaking of life.... mine is going at full steam. It has been full of work,  holidays, vacations, camping trips and birthdays and just day to day experiences that have made life grand :)   but rather than bore you with ALL of the nonsense, I will just let you know of the biggest highlight in our little piece of the world and that is the addition of another pup into our crazy life. 
Duncan seemed a little mopey, so upon the realization that Darling Husband and I were just not cool enough for the oh so awesome Duncan, we thought long and hard about getting him a friend to hang out with that spoke his language :) and I kept thinking back to my crazy childhood dream of having a Westie and a Great Dane just like the guy in our neighbor hood that would walk them everyday when I was a girl! 

 It seemed a little nuts but I researched the breed and realized how truly great they are!   Armed with the facts, I thought if not now, when?  why not?  So we brought home our new pup Penny a beautiful Great Dane puppy  around Christmas.

Duncan was not all that happy about this new addition at first.... 

She was sassy

 and stole his toys

Despite the rough start, she has grown both physically and emotionally in the last 4 months that we have had her. 

She and Duncan have reached an understanding... and now they are buddies who love car rides together

She begins her first obedience class tonight as a gregarious 6 month old dane........  wish us luck!
(we are gonna need it)!