Friday, August 27, 2010

Why I do what I do.... oh you know you wanna do it too!

I was recently catching up on my blogs and noticed that someone out there likes my blog :0)   T over at Desperately Seeking Seersucker wanted me to answer a few questions and pass on the love to eight more bloggers..... I couldn't resist!  It seems like fun to me :0)

Her questions (and my answers)

1.  Why did you start blogging? 
I have wanted to find a way to write and be creative for awhile but actually it happened randomly when I stumbled across a few blogs and decided that it looked like lots of fun! There was no real reason for it.... just decided to get my brain off of work and on to something more fun when my hubby was away and I was home.

2.  If you could know when you would be leaving this earth, would you want to know?  Why?   
Ummmmmm.... nope!  If I knew when I was going to leave this earth, I would be a prisoner of the clock, counting down the Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds until I would not be around anymore, I would feel like time was too short! I would rather live my life with endless possibilities, as far as I am concerned tomorrow some brilliant doctor(maybe the future mr.seersucker ;) is going to find a immunization that will keep our cells from breaking down or malfunctioning and we will all live forever! :)     okay so I don't really believe that I will live forever BUT the point is that it is one of among a million possibilities I wouldn't have if I knew exactly when I was going to leave this wonderful world behind.

3.  Is it okay to wear WHITE after Labor Day? I say sure..... I love a beautiful white/cream winter sweater!  I am not a girl who sticks to tradition/social convention. If it looks good and or is comfortable then I will wear it :0)

4.  Spray tan, tanning bed or natural sun only?  Which do you do?  Natural Sun Only.... I am slightly fair skinned and freckle bad enough as it for me tanning beds would be bad news and as for me I say skin cancer NO THANK YOU! alothough I am jealous of women who tan.....   I would say Spray tan but I had a bad experiance the time I tried it :(  lets just say fresh spray tan and REAL sunburn do not mesh well.....  hehehehehe!

5.  Which is YOUR favorite wardrobe (Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer)? I think Fall and Winter are neck and neck for me :0)   I love cozy sweaters and layers!  I like the rich colors of  my fall and winter wardrobe and Crocheted/knitted scarfs and hats :) 

6.  Is it problematic when/if a woman makes a larger salary than her husband/significant other?  I would love to say no BUT in reality I think it depends upon the couple in question.... some men have a problem with it ..... their ego gets in the way and their pride is hurt if they aren't the primary breadwinner. However some men would love nothing better than for their woman to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan so they can be a stay at home husband :0)

7.  Who do you think is the most "annoying" big blogger?  (stole this from Sass.  sorry.  i wanna know.) 

I am somewhat new to the blogosphere so my I might have a loose interpretation of "big blogger" but Scottie News's format and rigidity sometimes gets a little irritating. I wish there was a little more personality and fun in that blog :0)

8.  Do you love Louis?   

   Does Romeo love Juliet!   YES!  he is adorable.... who wouldn't love a handsome westie boy like Louis!  He and Duncan seem so alike!    Although I do have a question.... how do you pronounce his name.... Louis as in Louis the XIV   or LOUIS  like Lewis and Clark?  (I hope that question isn't insulting.... I am curious :)

Now that I have answered these questions it is time for some questions of my own....

1. How long have you been blogging/How often do you blog? 
2. Are You a rule follower or a rule breaker?
3. What are your favorite things in life/What makes you happy?
4. What are your least favorite things in life/what makes you mad?
5. If you could pick one place in the world to go on vacation, where would you go and who/what would you take with you?
6. What is your favorite quote?
7. What is the favorite book?
8. Where did you come up with the title for your blog?

Here is who I picked to answer the questions (disclaimer: I picked blogs I like to read, you are under no pressure here ):

1. Ann's Snap Endits scrap: She is a wonderful photographer and I am super jealous!  I love reading her blog and looking at her photos.... plus she has a westie named Duke... LOVE IT! 

2. Desperately Seeking Seersucker:  This chic has a FUN blog with a capital F!  I read her blog and instantly want to move to the lower east coast :) she seems to always have a fun or exciting story or neat new bit of information and she is the puppy mommy of a westie that could be Duncan's Doppleganger :0)

3. Life with Farley:  This blog is ooohhh soo sweet and Farley just melts my heart!  Every blog makes me smile!  

4. Westie Julep:  This blog is Westie TASTIC!!!!!!    Julep and Derby know how to live the good life!!!!

5.Aestetic Outburst:  Such a creative blog.... Love it! 

6. A Note on the Screen Door:  I just discovered this blog and it is fabulous, trendy and fun and Oh so classic southern beauty!

7. Downunder Daisy:   I grew up with a scottie  and this blog makes me want to get Duncan a Scottie pal someday so they can have fun adventures like Bella and Dasiy!

8. Scraps of Me:  Another blog that combines creativity/ fun/ and westies!  this blog is great!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My ideas for a white party

Cheers to a wonderful White party!  Here are the details:

The Host : Betty White

The Venue:   The White House

The Entertainment: The White Stripes                     
The Dress: Classic White Cocktail Dress
The Centerpieces: White Iris's
The Food:  Lots of White wine and cheese
Of Course there would be a dessert bar filled with white goodies :)
I planned the party: Who's gonna do the dishes :0)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More.... More.... oh I know you all wanted more :0)

I know you were all just dying to see more of my very non-professional white inspired photos....  okay maybe not but I found some more and thought I would share them with you :0)
Mr.Duncan Riley... looking oh so thoughtful
He Thinks very highly of himself all decked out in white :)  !
One of the geese at the park we like to go walking at :0)
They gave us attitude in this picture :0)
I told you I love a good snow.... just not when we are driving!
It does make for pretty scenery though :0)
The white capped mountains I flew over on my plan trip to Vegas!
The blooming pear tree in my parents back yard
Oh in case you were wondering I tend to agree with the scientists as far as whether or not white is a color... yep sure is. If you look at the visible light spectrum you get the colors of the spectrum by separating white light with a prism (sorry I just remembered something from physics WOW!) white is the culmination/dispersion of all of the colors in the light spectrum together where as black is the absence of any sort of light/ color.

I tend to like both.... sometimes white is refreshing but black can be so sleek and easy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Color White...

Todays white blog:  directly from Wiki Answers comes a philosophical look at the color White :0)

QUESTION : Is white really a color?

 ANSWER: That depends;

It depends upon whom you ask. Scientists consider black to be the absence of color and white to be the presence of all colors. Fine artists, on the other hand, believe the complete reverse: white is the absence of color.

A housepainter would say it is

To a painter, if you can get it in a can, it's a color. 

Oh and everybody don't forget to join the white party!  Desperately Seeking Seersucker is doing a giveaway!

Monday, August 23, 2010

White Party ........ White as Fresh Powdered Snow :0)

I read a Blog By Desperately Seeking Seersucker (.  She invited everyone to an online white party.... I started thinking this was a brilliant idea. White is a color that evokes peace, purity, stillness,and clean lines in other words, white says classic simple beauty! So I decided to take this as a good photo challenge.  I am not a pro photographer by any stretch of the imagination but I do love taking pictures, making memories, and captureing a moment in time.  So I went through the photographs I have taken over the past few years and found these pictures that really fit the white theme and expressed some of the things I love in life, my family, animals, lace curtins, a good winter frost/snow, and beautiful flowers. The white party will last until September 4th so I will try to keep posting more White inspired blogs ....... until next time enjoy :0)
My wedding ring and band
My white fluffy Towels
A black and white photo of sunflowers I had one fall
After an ice storm
On campus at my college after an ice storm
Mr. Smiley himself .... DUNCAN RILEY!
My grandmothers cat
My first attempt at a trifle and chocolate cake bites YUM!
My Niece's Birthday cake (she just turned 10!)
Duncan looking out at his first big snow storm

 My niece and nephew under a blooming pear tree

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can't wait for a rainy day around here!

I just got Duncan his first raincoat and although it is a little big on him I LOVE IT!!! It will really keep him dry and warm in the cold rain!  One problem though.........  it hasn't rained yet!!!!!    Soooo I being the overbearing westie mommy that I am made him try it on anyway!  I can't wait for the rain!!!!

Its a little bit long/big but.... I think it will do the trick :0)
opps I forgot the tag and he is quite perturbed!

Silly!   thats better ... NO TAG!   now lets go outside!

But mom!  its not RAINING YET!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long Week..... Short Blogg

Glass of wine CHECK!

Good Book CHECK!

Good Buddy to Relax with  DOUBLE CHECK!

After a long week at work I am ready for a little R&R at home and I just happen to be Lucky enough to have the perfect recipe for relaxation!!!!!  

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Leaving unknown and sailing into the wild blue yonder

Right Now My husband and I are at a point in our life where we feel ready for something different. We have stayed in the same smallish midwest town since college and both feel a little stagnant here. Opportunities and inspiration are lacking for sure!!!!! I think we are both about ready to set sail into the wild blue yonder and see where life takes us together!

We are at a point in our lives where we could pick up and head anywhere we want to go with Duncan at our side and see where life takes us BUT that is easier said than done.  We have the same insecurities as anyone else.... All the what ifs and what about's  come into the conversation and it usually ends.  One thing is for sure we both have kind and creative spirits that are NOT being fuled to their full potential and we realize it.  For now I guess I just need to find inspiration in what is around me and what I have. Despite my whining in this blog I do feel blessed. I have a lot to be grateful for and a lot of life left ahead of me sooo.... for now the wild blue yonder will remain in the wild blue yonder but there is no harm in looking down the road at the possibilities :0)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Silly Sundays and Random stuff. Puppysitting/Duncan Playdate.

This Sunday I got to puppy sit for my parents two dogs Zooey ( red/brown mix rescue dog that my family found wondering skinny and scared as a 9 -10 month old pup but is now a fat and sassy 8 year old)  and Capella their new 5 month old HUGE Akbash/Anatolian Shepherd mix.  As soon as I told Duncan he got his favorite toys together so they could get some good play time in.  It was all smiles with Capella

 She and Duncan had a lot of fun play with the toys and chasing each other around
But Zooey was another story. She was above all the sillyness
As much as Duncan tried to pursade her, she would not budge from her comfy perch on the couch.
 Despite Mrs Priss and her attitude it was a fun day for all three......

and they all ended up tuckerd out by the end of the day!