Friday, October 29, 2010

My Little Mr. Muddy Paws

Today I had the morning off so Duncan and I went for another one of our little outings..... BOY was that an adventure!

It turns out Duncan's drive to run up and play with anything that moves took me by surprise and on this crisp fall day he ended up with the muddiest paws and belly I have ever seen and oh my is that a bad thing when
A) Duncan is white as snow

B) We have to somehow get back in the car and home without him making a muddy mess of my leather interior

C) It is kinda chilly to be running around wet!

Even if Duncan did need an emergency bath when we got home, we had a blast!   We are trying to make the best of these BEAUTIFUL fall days!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chocolates, Daquris, Pictures, and the Vets Office ..... Oh what a life!

I have been on the go this week and boy am I glad for the weekend!  My full and busy week included work of course... working late boring boring snooze snooze!  ALTHOUGH it wasn't ALL boring!  It was Pharmacy week and we all got a little grab gift from the director. With Delicious melt in your mouth Hershey bliss chocolates (white chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate w/almonds) and a pen.... it was a nice surprise :0)
 To go along with the whole pharmacy week theme each of us was supposed to pick and day and bring a little something to celebrate and brighten our week...... the whole week was full of goodies! Cookies, Pink Ribbon Bagels from Panera with plain and strawberry cream cheese, Homemade chili, You name it we had it!  I was last on the list and got sooooo busy being the scatterbrain that I am not bringing my goodies in until Monday (technically its no longer pharmacy week but who would turn down goodies right!) I am going to try my hand at making a pumpkin cheesecake with the spring-form pan that I have only used once.... that will be another blog altogether!

My next adventure this week was a girls night on Tuesday complete with gossip and Strawberry Daiquiris YUM-O!!
From google images, not my pic!
It was so much fun gabbing away and letting go of the stress...... Every girl needs a little time to just unwind!

Wednesday was when the REAL fun happened....... The hubby and I both had the evening off together so we took Duncan out and went walking on some near by trails for a little fun and some pictures......
Duncan was ready for the action!  He had so much to explore

He ran and ran and loved all the new smells

Of course we enjoyed the fall scenery!

And fall flowers !

It was all very rustic!

It was also Beautiful!

This little bug thought he could blend in and hide but we saw him!

The sunshine was spectacular!

The fields were ready for harvest!

Nature was at her best!

After all that fall fun, I went back to work the next day but was pleased to find out that the Candle I had ordered came in!  It smells like sugar cookies but the best part is ITS PINK!  in honor of breast cancer awareness month Gold Canyon sold these beautiful pink ribbon candles and I just had to get one! Not only are they totally cute, part of the proceeds go to benefit cancer research!

Then the last event of the week was one that poor Duncan didn't like very much at all....... he went to the vet for his bi-annual check up and his first set of vaccination boosters. Walking in and hanging out in the waiting room he was his chipper, happy-go-lucky self sniffing everything and charming the receptionist with his big eyes, happy tail wagging and general adorableness  ect...  (Duncan is quite the ladies man you all can be sure!)  But the second we headed for that exam room he put the breaks on and started shaking..... you would have thought he was going to a torture chamber (okay I guess to him it was, they stuck a thermometer in places a gentleman shouldn't mention and gave him shots..... THE HORROR!)  But all in all he was perfect! Other than shaking a lot he was a perfect little angel, he let the vet look him over and was patient with the vet assistant. The vet assistant held him while he got his shots because mommy couldn't bare the thought of being blamed for the ouchies!   He got lots of treats and kisses when we got home and Mommy promised him that we wouldn't go back for 6 whole months unless he gets terribly sick (fingers crossed nothing like that happens to my little pup!)
Now we are just gonna chill out and recouperate from such a busy week!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Old Hotel

I have really noticed the neat arcitecture of old buildings lately and while a small towns all over are dying my small home town has done a lot to maintain an old hotel downtown........

This old building has been around since 1885 and has long been a staple of the town. It is no longer a functioning hotel but even today it is an important landmark in my small hometown. We meet on its porch to watch the homecoming parade every October, have chili cook offs, and it has housed the local chamber of commerce for many years. Now they are closing its doors to the public, moving the chamber of commerce, and re-vamping it for senior citizen housing.