Sunday, February 27, 2011

Signs of spring!

The trees are starting to wake up from there winter slumber!  you can start to see little hints of brighter browns, greens, and little nubs where the leaves are about to come back!  Any sign of spring is a welcome sight after all the snow!

Mr. Muddy Paws Strikes again!

Today is bath day soooo before the trauma of such an activity takes place I decided that Duncan and I needed a little fun to cap off our weekend (FYI  duncan HATES baths and shakes and constantly tries to escape despite my best effort to make bath time fun time) so we went out and played in the mud puddles left after all of the rain we have had lately....... lets just say that by the time we came in you could not tell that he was usually  a nice fluffy white westie!

Signs of spring were everywhere and although it was a little gloomy, it was still nice out (in the 60's F)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I was browsing itunes and came across an offer for a free new artist download a week or two ago and thought what the heck so I uploaded it but didn't get a chance to hear it until later.............


Thursday, February 17, 2011

R&R is on the menu

I have been worried about my little guy but he is on the mend (thanks for the well wishes and concern)....... it turns out the little dickens has a UTI and soooo the recipe is rest, medicine, and lots of water!    He gives you all tail wags and licks and says thanks for thinking of him!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick Puppy = Sad Mummy

When you get home from work, you know that nothing good is going to follow the words  "I think we need to take the dog to the vet"  from your very pragmatic husband.............. it turns out that my poor little Duncanroo is sick and needs antibiotics :(   my poor little boy :(

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, Roses, and Chocolates!

Oh love sweet love
You are fine!
Oh love sweet love
As fine as sweet wine!

* The Hubby has been quite under the weather this fine valentines day but despite how crummy his day was he still managed to surprise me with roses and chocolates :)  soooo even though our romantic dinner I had planned will wait until he feels better and he and duncan are holed up in the bedroom, I have to admit that in sickness or in health he is a class act!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pull my Crochet Heart Strings

I was browsing fun blogs today and came across Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap's latest blog  in this blog she linked to another blog that gave instructions including a video on how to make Crochet hearts!  HOW FABULOUS!  I have tried to crochet but never quite got the hang of things past basics...... the video in the blog was GREAT because it actually showed someone's hands as they made each stitch so you could see what was supposed to happen!  ever since I saw this I have been crochet heart crazy!  Alas it is a bit late to use for valentines this year for anyone I would have to mail them to but its a great trick!

Dual Personalities

I am an all weather girl. I love freshness of spring with its blooming flowers, and mix of sunshine and thunderstorms, I love summer with Bright sunshine, heat, sundresses and flip flops,  I love fall with the chill in the air, changing leaves, bon fires, hoodies, pupmkins ect... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE winter for a two reasons reason number 1 is the holidays and the cheer that they bring and the other is the SNOW!!!!! Number 2 I have blathered on repeatedly and taken numerous pictures to prove that in my mind snow is pure joy and beauty and fun..........
An igloo made by the neighborhood kids that Duncan and I came across on our walk

Turkeys in the field next to the road! 

That being said,  today I was struck by the fact that this same pure white, beautiful fluffy fun stuff that is so gorgeous as it comes down, has a seedy underbelly! it makes roads slushy and dirty. It shows how just how many times the neighborhood pups (mine included) have peed on the the grass by the front door (we won't even mention poo!) and eventually all the wonder is gone and all you are left with is a dirty hunk of ice!

well I guess I should get over it..... tommrow is supposed to be warm and melt it all away anyway :)


Friday evenings are supposed to be fun, exciting, and full of adventure to start the weekend but I must admit, mine was quite dull. I got home from work and the hubby and I went and got our taxes done. To celebrate being good citizens (and the nice refund coming our way) we went out to dinner. Hubby is feeling a little under the weather so we headed home early and were yawning and ready for bed by 9.

now I just need to think of a way to make the rest of this valentines weekend  a little bit more exciting (any suggestions would be welcome!)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Boys

I ranted and raved and over-reacted in the last post so now I am going to go in the other direction and count my blessings!  2 of the biggest blessings in my life are my boys (The Hubby, and Duncan the westie). Now I told you that my Hubby laughed at me when I over-reacted about Duncan's not so stellar haircut. That is just what I need sometimes!  I take life too seriously at times and between the two of them, my boys always can make me see the lighter side of life and laugh! They are a rag-tag duo and to some they may lack a certain sophistication but for me, they are perfect! 

Take a Breath!

 WARNING: reading below may subject you to a blogger rant : read at your own risk!

I have taken a little bit of time (the whole weekend actually) to calm down and still every moment, I think about it it makes me sad/upset........ what might you ask has gotten me to worked up?  Well, it was the experience with the "Groomer" (in quotations because I don't really think she qualifies!)  Last Friday I took Duncan to a groomer who claimed to know how to do a westie/scottie cut (which is pretty specific) and I should have known something wasn't right because he was shaking like a leaf the minute we walked in and WELL...... lets just say I came back to pick him up I barely recognized him!  She cut his beard REALLY short and left his back and tail all thick and curly and his hair is REALLY choppy! If I thought he looked like a rag-a-muffin before, he REALLY does now!  I did get some good advice which helped me relax,  a new blogger friend reminded me that hair grows back!  Thank you Hoke from  ! I read that comment right when I was having a melt down and it really helped me realize that my reaction was somewhat over-dramatic lol!  I cried, I ranted, and my husband (although he agrees the haircut was AWFUL) was laughing at me so yup I overreacted!  I am better now and have decided that it just means that Duncan is going to be wearing a lot of sweaters,tee's, and coats for awhile
Yep I over-reacted, he is still adorable to me!

and I definately learned my lesson which is if you have a good groomer, no matter how far away they are go to them!


Duncan after being "GROOMED" (see he is even unhappy )

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Snow!

This has been one heck of a week! The snow storm has slowed things down to a crawl (well more like a gimpy shuffle now) and I have to say that it has been an eye opener! I have weathered many storms before and been through a lot at the hospital where I work but this time I took the time to look around and take it all in and what I saw was the depths of human goodness!  I have seen doctors, nurses, and even my pharmacy director among other staff sleeping in the hospital multiple days and working extra shifts so that the hospital could run and our patients would get the care they need while some were stuck at home!  I have seen random strangers helping each-other dig stuck cars out of snow drifts and neighbors helping neighbors shovel sidewalks and driveways I have seen people playing and laughing and remembering to slow down and enjoy the beauty that life can bring! I guess I have to admit it is refreshing to see in todays world!  
*photo is courtesy of google images ........ NOT MINE!

I have told you all before that Duncan loves playing in the snow and here is the kicker.... a couple of the pictures of Duncan from my last post made it onto the local news!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember this one!


 They posted both of them!
Duncan is my little mini celebrity and they showed his picture on the news at 12pm, 5pm, and 10pm!!!!!    My mom called excited and so did my mother-in -law! I was one proud puppy momma!!!!!!

We have had a blast going out and playing in the snow!

We are expected to get more snow this weekend..... guess we better get used to the fun!

*Disclaimer.... Duncan is WAY overdue for a trip to the groomer and although we usually make a trip to my home town to the groomer, this time he has an appointment with a new lady here in town we go tommrow and YIKES its scary going to someone new.... hope it turns out well!   WE SHALL SEE!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Question of the Day

Does not seeing his shadow still count if the groundhog can't get out of his hole?

- This is a very valid question considering we here in the midwest are buried in snow :)  It has been great fun bouncing around as long as you aren't driving a vehicle.
My husband helping another car that got stuck right where he did on the way to pic me up :)

My hubby got stuck in a high drift in our all wheel drive SUV on the way to get me from work. (this trip also happened to take around 30 mins when it usually takes 5 mins or less)  BUT we had lots of fun when we got home traipsing around the snow with Duncan!

 Keep warm!  (although it sounds like our friends in Australia are quite comfy!)