Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting Ready for Turkey Day!

I made my first homemade Pecan Pie FROM SCRATCH!
My crust..... the first homemade crust I have ever made!

I was very proud even though it was very "rustic"

The fresh pecans I used in my pie....... I have plenty leftover, what to make next hmmm????

it took a lot of manuevering to get it in rolled out thin enough!

My last look at my pie before it went in the oven

The finished product!


Hope it tastes good!
We are heading to my parents for Thanksgiving in the morning,  Duncan is quite excited to see all his human and k-9 cousins!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Duncan is a Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember this photo I posted of Duncan in his Halloween costume?  Well I entered it in a new doggie bakery's halloween photo contest that wanted pictures of  dogs in their Halloween finest.The prize for the top three submissions was a treat box from the bakery and GUESS WHAT! He won first place!  Duncan did his little happy dance around the house when I told him and he have been eagerly awaiting its arrival in the mail (the bakery was not local) It finally came today......

Needless to Say Duncan is a happy and FULL puppy!

The busy busy bee that is me :0)

Life has zoomed by in a frenzy of work, family, and roadtrips that have kept me buzzing like a bee! 
This weekend alone was crazy!  here is the schedule:  On Friday we traveled to a benefit concert 2 hours away and back again, arriving home at 3:30 in the morning! The next morning we drove 30 minutes to get Duncan and visit  my in-laws who were kind enough to puppysit...... then we drove an hour and a half to my hometown to see my family and make homemade enchiladas for everyone the next day we spent some family time but had to rush back home  and then I finally got to rest as I watched my dear hubby effortlessly fix a friends computer.  That guy never ceases to impress me :0)  

Aside from my busy schedule I have also developed a new obsession with free samples!   I know this sounds crazy but on facebook there is the page called Free Sample Freak..... since discovering this bit of fun I have gotten several free goodies :0)  I have recieved a sample pack of Kashi Whole grain crackers, a full size pack of Extra Dessert Delights Sugar-free gum (strawberry shortcake flavored), A travel size Dove deoderant, a sample of toothpaste from Colgate, and an E-book full of fall crafts (I am dreaming here but might try to give some of them a try) and I am expecting much more :0)  I know it seems cooky but some of these samples come in handy especially for traveling and how can you turn down FREE!

Sorry for the lack of fun posts lately..... I will try to do better :0)