Thursday, March 31, 2011

Westie Wednesday (On Thursday)

opps.....sorry I have been MIA. (Off enjoying vacay with the Hubby and Duncan) but before I update you on my comings and Goings I figured I had better get my bum in gear and join the cool Kids doing Westie Wednesday with T Louis over at Desperately Seeking Seersucker (

Of Course since the Hubby and I were on Vacation that meant we spoiled Duncan ROTTEN  he spent his days last week lounging around and playing with his toys :) 

He also was quite confused when we completely cleared out the living room and got rid of our old furniture. He wandered around with a confused look on his face all morning  until our new furniture came but it was hard for him to get the concept that he wasn't allowed on the new furniture.

Maybe that's because this is what I found when I turned my back for a minute :)

Its a darn good thing that my boys are so darn cute or they might have been in BIG trouble :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Westie Wednesday

Duncan had a much more exciting week this week!

We had beautiful weather at least part of the time so we hit our favorite park and he was all smiles :)

Also this week is his Aunt Lindsay's Birthday!  She is Duncan's favorite red head and so he decided to help me wrap her presents

 Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Did I tell you!

Yours truely is getting new furniture!
We Bought this Couch!
And matching loveseat!
Only in this Color (a light camel color)
It is heaven to sit on (I could have taken a nap right in the store!) and we will get it delivered in a week or so!!!! I am super excited and can hardly wait!  Duncan doesn't know about this surprise but I guess he will realize something is up when we get rid of our old furniture soon :)

Don't judge a book by its cover

 I love to surround myself with old books!  There is something about the feel of them, the smell of them, the idea of how many people have read the very book before me and gained knowledge! I know I know I sound like a crazy person but each book feels like a bit of history to me. The old inscriptions, the notes in the margins (although I don't write in books myself).  Something about the way they have weathered the test of time makes them like little treasures to me!
I never talked bout this very much but a year or so after we got married, Hubby's grandmother died rather suddenly. It was a very sad time for hubby and for me (she was a very neat lady!)  We shared something in common, a profession in healthcare (she was a nurse) and when we helped go through her things, Hubby's family decided to bistow upon me some old medical books and medical encyclopedia's that she had kept since her early days working!
 These books are beautiful and I caught myself recently going through them as I did a little spring cleaning! These books are a treasure and will be in my home for years and years to come!

Aside from enjoying the aesthetic qualities of old books, I am an avid reader in general and can still remember reading my first chapter book "The Box Car Children" and spending many hours reading "Anne of Green Gables" and "Little Women" and the Entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy (after reading the Hobbit of course!)...... but there are a few classics that I have yet to read and that must be rectified immediately!  One book that I have told myself that I must read is:
I have wanted to read Anna Karenina for Ages but never quite found the time until now...... I found it free in my E-reader on my I pod and have no excuse!  I will read this book!   I know the picture above is an audio book but I promise I will actually READ it, not listen to it   :0)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Westie Wednesday

Not a lot new has been going on in Duncan's world lately..... lots of tail wags, licks, and cuddles like normal.

He has been spending lots of time on dads lap lately.

This is not a rare occurrence with our cuddly boy here but it has gotten to the point that it actually dawned on the hubby that he is actually, in fact a lap dog!  HA!  like that was some new revelation (its not.... Duncan spends a good majority of his days and nights cuddled with one of the two of us)

Either way he has been one lazy pooch lately!   I think it is the rain we have been getting..... he just wants to stay nice and dry inside and snuggle! When we do go out he has gotten to wear his handsome rain coat quite a bit and he was certainly bored with mom when she spent so much time bakeing yesterday.... he sulked and hrmphed and finally laid down

Maybe next Westie Wedensday he will have more exciting news to share :)

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday was fun...... I ate the traditional pancake breakfast at the hospital (yay for free food!)
Image from google images (NOT MINE)

After such a yummy start to the day I wanted to go home and take a big nap but instead I worked my tail off and forgot all about the fact that it was supposed to be a party day......... so to make up for my workaholic tendencies and celebrate a little, when I got home I made my very first Mardi Gras Kings Cake!

I actually made this!!!!!  (oh and the beads were courtesy of the pancake breakfast that morning)
YUM O!    and I got to make my own colored sugar which was oh so fun (minus the fact that I had to scrub for hours to get the green food coloring off of my fingers) 

Hope everyone had a great Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras celebration!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A handwritten note.........

In todays busy technology driven society, handwritten notes are a rare gift....... so when T over and Desperately Seeking Seersucker tagged me in a post where the answers were handwritten, I just had to play along!  I have horrible handwriting so bear with me but here are the questions and my answers

1.  Your name and the name of your blog:

2.  Your blog address:

3.  Your favorite quote:

4.  Favorite songs:
I have very broad taste in music...... too many to name!

5.  Write this:
 6.  Tag 3 followers:

7.  Anything else:
                Hope everyone survived this LONG LONG LONG Monday with a smile on your face!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rockin Robin

Duncan and I decided to do a little bird watching today.....

Duncan and I could hear the little birdie chirping away in this tree long before we spotted it....

not a vast array of birds around right now but a few finches and robins showed their heads :)

Now here are 5 things I learned from trying to photograph birds

1) I need more patience! I had no ability to hold still and let the birds come to me I kept wanting to follow them around and they would just fly off!

2) Birds will never come close so I had better have a good zoom lens!  AKA : I need a better camera..... the lens, zoom, and shutter speed on my little point and shoot digital camera although great just won't cut it when trying to capture certain pictures hence blur/ lack of focus ect.....

3) I need to be quick and decisive when trying to capture a moment on film because it is just that ..... A MOMENT then its gone gone gone and I can't recreate it once I have my camera adjusted right!

4) Bird watching/ photographing is a one man job:   Duncan is not the best partner for bird watching. I know this is an obvious one :)   I took him with me and he was more interested in chasing them then sitting quietly and watching them :)

5) Location Location Location!   I just walked around right outside my home,  I am sure much neater photos are to be had once I go to other places!