Monday, August 15, 2011

Words..... disclaimer..... MUSHY!

ALWAYS HAVE HOPE!  Hope for tommrow, Hope for better things, Hope that hard work pays off!

BELIEVE IN LOVE!   love for your self, love for others, love for what has been entrusted to you!

LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH JOY!   I have heard many times that life is what we make it..... I choose to make it happy!   Enjoy the good and let go of the bad..... the good will enrich your life and inspire you, the bad will just eat you up inside!

HAVE FAITH!  have faith in yourself and have faith in others...... you never know where it will take you!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Week of FUN!!!!!!!

Wednesday (tommorow) is the hubby's birthday...... to celebrate he gets not only a day of special treats but a WEEK of special treats...... We started last Thursday and it will go on through his actual birthday.

Day One:  Dinner at this wonderful little Italian restaurant that we have been dieing to try Josie's!  It is considered one of t he eight wonders of Kansas cuisine and if you are ever near scammon you should definitely try it!  It was DELISH!   We had the best bruchetta that we have ever had and our house salads with home made blue cheese dressing were TO DIE FOR!  yum-o!!!!!!!!!   Hubby had Chicken Alfredo and I had the Jumbo Ravioli with a meatball the size of my head!...... we had so much extra food we could eat for a week!

Not my photo..... courtesy of google images!

Day Two: We slept in and then took Duncan for a walk at our favorite outdoor trails..... remember this place?

then we went to visit his parents and a jaunt around Joplin where we did some dream shopping at best buy (I have my eye on a REALLY expensive camera.... maybe someday) and he was drooling over the latest touch pads and monitors. Then before we left we visited a new Frozen Yogurt place in town called "The Orange Leaf" perhaps you have heard of this little paradise!

It is a create your own frozen yogurt bar!!!  Everything is bright and cheery and orange and they had more flavors than I could name all lined up to pick from and self serve... and the toppings bar is awesome!!  they even had these juice flavor beads (as you can see on my frozen yogurt) that just explode in your mouth!  My creation was white chocolate and coconut frozen yogurt with mango and strawberry flavor beads and almonds TASTY!!!!
of course the hubby made one with birthday cake and peanut butter frozen yogurt and oreos and peanut butter cups on top!  Warning: there is so much to choose from you could DEFIANTLY go overboard as we did!

Day Three:  We tried a little BBQ place that the hubby wanted to try (we both worked sooo not too much exciting)

Day Four: After work I took the Hubby to get a hair cut at the haircut- a -thon that was put on at the mall to support our local Humane Society. Quite a few local stylists donated time and supplies and the proceeds all went to the SEK humane Soceity!  it was super cheap ($8  for a guys haircut)  and they also offered 10 minute massages and mani- pedi's!!!   (it was hubby's b-day treat but I just had to get my toenails painted too :0) (I have really non photogenic feet or I would show you my pretty toenails!

Day Five:  I made the hubby a pancake breakfast with homemade amaretto syrup YUM
Not my pic.... courtesy of google images

Then we had a wonderful day setting up his sound system (he talked me into dragging his speakers out of storage and buying him new speaker cables soooo..... I guess we have surround sound now ;0)  then we spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching movies.

Day Six:  The hubby went and got his license renewed (oh the joy of the DMV) and we had a lovely sandwich shop lunch.

Day Seven:  Present day!  I also think we are going to travel to see some friends and family in Oklahoma City for a few days.....  BE BACK SATURDAY!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If ya can't take the heat, stay in the.............


Lately (as with all over the United States) the temperatures gauges  have looked like this............

Not my pic..... got from google images!
It has been up to 110 and that is the actual air temperature!  Not the Heat index! It has been above 100 for two weeks!
Needless to say, we are trying to find ways to keep Duncan entertained IN the house......

He can be one BORED pup when he doesn't get his way and he certainly did NOT want to play with Mr. Bear  :(
He always gets his way!
Very Insistent!

So we have spent some quality time with his favorite ball

At first it took some convincing!

and he was all smiles!
But we got the message

I think we have achieved our goal of keeping our little man happy!!!!  Don't ya think ;0)