Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gettin out of the house

Duncan looked bored stiff when I got home from work this afternoon.
See for yourself !

He barely moved his little head when I took pictures of him..... SOOOOOO I figured we needed a quick park outing PRONTO to pep us both up!  So after Darling hubby went to work we headed to the park to explore a little bridge that looked like fun.

It was a fun quick outing and Duncan has spent the rest of the evening zipping happily around me..... I guess I did my job ;0)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I am really embarrassed, I totally forgot that my one year anniversary as a blogger was on Friday July 22nd!!!!!!!!!!

YUP THATS RIGHT FOLKS!!!   I am now officially a one year veteran of the blogger world!

Here are the top ten things that I have discovered/learned since I have started blogging:

1)Follow your passion : My love of photography has increased ten fold!!!!!  I love it, I draw inspiration from it, I wish I was talented enough to make a career out of it (maybe someday)  and I have realized that my creativity comes out through my photographs far more than it ever has in my written words.

2) Try not to promise something you can't deliver : I said I would do a Silly Sunday post every Sunday but never quite accomplished that one (a goal for this year perhaps???) thus the lesson is that life doesn't always go the way we plan..... and that's okay!

3) A De-Cluttered home leads to a De-Cluttered mind :  I have off and on tried to clear out old objects and junk from my apartment and then Duncan, The Hubby, and I moved to a house that we LOVE  (especially Duncan.... HELLO BACKYARD!) and I realized that sometimes getting rid of the old is the best thing you can do, even if its hard, it clears out space in your life both physically and mentally!

4) It is okay to not blog everyday...... I started out trying to do this BUT  life got in the way and besides if I wasn't out living life and enjoying the world, what would I ever blog about?

5)Inspiration is EVERYWHERE : I have spent a whole year reading blogs and gaining inspiration from a source that I never before realized was sooooo full of life..... the blogger world! This world has opened my eyes to a treasure trove of creativity far beyond what I ever expected in the beginning.

6) Life has its ups and downs no matter where you live, what you do, or how old you are so you might as well enjoy the roller-coaster that we call life. Relish the highs and make it through the lows and you will only be better for it! ( I have learned this from you my fellow bloggers, its amazing to think of how much changes in a day, a week, a month, and A YEAR!)

7) You don't have to be good at everything:  Sometimes I try so heard to do everything that I become a master of nothing.... I need to stop trying to do everything and stick to something and master it.

8) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder : No matter what it is I try to do (cook, take photographs, write ect....) there will always be someone with a different way of doing things, a different method, a different perspective. With this knowledge in mind, I should never compare myself to others, I should do what makes me happy and do it with love, and to the best of my ability and try to cultivate my own talents and improve!

9) Listen/ Pay Attention: Sometimes you just need to stop and listen to what others are saying (or writing)...... it could help you in the future. I have learned so much just by taking the time to read a cooking or craft blog. By taking the time to read a blog or listen to something someone posted a video on, I have learned how to do things like cook veggie samosas and crochet little hearts out of yarn. These are things I would have never thought of or known how to do if I hadn't stopped to pay attention to what others were teaching me!

10)  Life is Merrier with O' Terrier!  Through sharing life with Duncan  one thing is clear...... A tail wag from my pup can cure almost any bad mood :)

I almost decided to set goals for the year to come.... but then I decided that I will see where life takes me, no limits, restrictions, and no expectations!  I will just continue to share my bit of the world and hope that someone else enjoys it as much as I enjoy reading others blogs!!!!!!  


The Beauty of just being!

I have been preoccupied and life has been a little hectic lately with work and all of that fun (so not interesting!)  but along the way I have taken a few pictures around the house that make me take a step back and realize that life hasn't been half bad lately .....  These pictures show what makes me take a step back and realize how lucky I am! They help me appreciate the beauty in just BEING!  I can laugh at my boys and smile and realize that I have everything I need in the world a husband I adore who is my best friend and a pup that just lights up our life.  I can take a step outside and see the beautiful blooms and flowers and appreciate the beauty that is all around ..... even in my flat landlocked piece of the country :)  Taking these photos makes me appreciate the little bits of heaven that surround our day to day lives.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today I thought I would tell you about one of my dear Hubby's favorite hobbies...... Golf...... but not the normal kind with golf clubs and all of that jazz (although he has played that occasionally as well)

His favorite game is Disc Golf.   This game is a way for grown men to throw frisbee's around and have fun and my darling hubby LOVES IT!   (yep you got it.... he even has a special pack for his frisbee's)

The game is set up much like Golf  in that you have tee points (designated points to throw your frisbee from)
and you throw your Frisbee as far as you can!
The goal is to make your frisbee land into the designated "hole"/basket like this in the designated number of strokes (throws) much like golf.
It is really quite fun and relaxing and as long as Duncan is on a leash he can wander around too which he is VERY excited about!