Monday, November 15, 2010

The busy busy bee that is me :0)

Life has zoomed by in a frenzy of work, family, and roadtrips that have kept me buzzing like a bee! 
This weekend alone was crazy!  here is the schedule:  On Friday we traveled to a benefit concert 2 hours away and back again, arriving home at 3:30 in the morning! The next morning we drove 30 minutes to get Duncan and visit  my in-laws who were kind enough to puppysit...... then we drove an hour and a half to my hometown to see my family and make homemade enchiladas for everyone the next day we spent some family time but had to rush back home  and then I finally got to rest as I watched my dear hubby effortlessly fix a friends computer.  That guy never ceases to impress me :0)  

Aside from my busy schedule I have also developed a new obsession with free samples!   I know this sounds crazy but on facebook there is the page called Free Sample Freak..... since discovering this bit of fun I have gotten several free goodies :0)  I have recieved a sample pack of Kashi Whole grain crackers, a full size pack of Extra Dessert Delights Sugar-free gum (strawberry shortcake flavored), A travel size Dove deoderant, a sample of toothpaste from Colgate, and an E-book full of fall crafts (I am dreaming here but might try to give some of them a try) and I am expecting much more :0)  I know it seems cooky but some of these samples come in handy especially for traveling and how can you turn down FREE!

Sorry for the lack of fun posts lately..... I will try to do better :0)

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