Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Vacation from work was.............

Nothing huge.
No grand soiree.
Full of simple joys.
Laughing the days away.
Sleeping late.
Enjoying a Cocktail,
and company that was first rate!

 I started my fun week away from work by going to see my sister (the gorgeous red head above) for the tail end of her birthday weekend of fun. Her friends had set up a sunday spa day complete with mimosas YUM.
Not my pic btw
 After the morning fun. Us gals (my sister, mom, niece, aunt, cousin, and I) all did a little shopping. All in all it was a glorious weekend!  I didn't get many good pictures of all of us :(  however I can promise you that fun was had by all :)

My vacation turned into a stay-cation after all of that despite plans to go way.  (thank you late furniture delivery people) So the hubby and I slept late, went to our favorite parks with Duncan, and went on a few dates where we enjoyed a few cocktails ;0)  such as these:
(I had a strawberry passion colada to start vacay off right, and it was HEAVENLY) *not my pic btw   

And Watched a few Sunrises:

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