Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goat..... YES I Said Goat........

My comings and goings have kept me quite busy lately sooo let me update you on what has and will be going on in my wild world with the hubby and Duncan...... First off we are moving (not to another town just to a new house in the same town)  I have been a busy bee packing and packing and boxing up items, and sorting out the things that can be donated, given away, or thrown out. Duncan was quite confused by it all but we had a talk about what was going on and took him over to the new house, we showed him his new fenced in back yard and he then promptly approved of the move and wanted to go right then!  Also with summer comes picnics and barbeques..... Well friends my latest Picnic was quite an experience because one of my friends decided to bring roasted goat..... YES I SAID GOAT it looked a little like this (minus the carrots):
It was definitely a first but not overall a bad experience (it reminded me a lot of pot roast)...... the picnic/BBQ was delicious and we all went home happy and FULL with more food and fun than we could all handle!
We also decided to go back to our little in town park and visit the ducks.... quite fun!

Well back to packing and moving for me............for now,  But I will have to update you all about this weekend, Friday is Hubby and I's 5th Wedding anniversary and we fully intend on taking a break from the packing and moving to enjoy it :0)

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  1. Did Duncan get to try some goat?

    Great ducky pictures. We can never get duck photos 'cause we always chase them!

    Happy Anniversary.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella