Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Summer Bucket List

I have always tucked away goals in my mind,  things I would like to try, places I would like to go, things I should do in my life.   Now don't you worry, I am not going deep here, no grand life plan or sweeping declarations that will rock the foundation of my world,  but with summer coming quickly I thought I would make a bucket list of the top ten things I would like to do this summer to make it one to remember. 

1)  Run/ Walk in a 5k for charity
I am accomplishing this on Saturday by doing the Color Run in Kansas city to benefit the Ronald McDonald House!   I may not run the whole thing (I just started planning this in March and I am not the greatest athlete) but ya know what they say.... even if I am as slow as a turtle, I will still lap the people on the couch!

2) Take more photographs
As I have said before, photography is one of my favorite hobbies, it makes me happy to capture lifes special moments. This summer I want to capture more, create more beauty in the world and just enjoy being a shutterbug!

3) Read more
I have always been a book worm and this summer I would like to set aside time to enjoy cracking open a good book and seeing what adventures lay ahead! ( stay tuned.... I might just blog about my summer reading list)

4) Barbeque
The main goal is to find some great recipes and use the hand-me-down propane grill that my darling husband aquired last fall..... COOK OUT ANYONE?????

5)Take a small vacation
Last year we took a huge 2 week vacation to Hawaii to celebrate my brother in law's  retirement from the air force and although I think that is out of the question this summer (time and budget wise) I would love to take a little time to enjoy summer and get away from the stress of day to day life..... maybe a small road trip is in order? hmmm.... to be continued.......

6) Get outside more often
I want to enjoy the outdoors... take the pups for more walks and just soak in the sunshine on my time off

7) Make a plan
Now that my darling husband has graduated from college, I want to make a plan for what I want to do next.... do I want to actively start pursueing our dream to adopt a child?   Do I want to look into graduate school? (and if so, what program?)    Now is the time to decide what comes next in life.  What is my next chapter?

8) Get healthy tan skin
I am pale and sensitive skinned girl, with that said I would like to work on that this summer. First things first, I want to try a new BB cream to give me a glowing complexion and although tanning beds are out, I still would love to be a bronze goddess this summer so I am going to look into good quality sunless tanners and pray I don't look streaky and freaky

9) Grow herbs in my own little garden
I have already started this!  I have Basil, Cilantro, Rosemary, mint, and Oregano growing well on my poarch..... yum I can just taste the deliscousness!

10) Eat healthy
I want to take full advantage of the farmers market this summer and be a good girl and eat my veggies :)   Lets all just say no to fast food!

well there you have my not so lofty goals for the summer..... what are yours?

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  1. Hey, I couldn’t find an email on your page, but really want to ask you a question about your dogs. Can you email me?