Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mr. Muddy Paws Strikes again!

Today is bath day soooo before the trauma of such an activity takes place I decided that Duncan and I needed a little fun to cap off our weekend (FYI  duncan HATES baths and shakes and constantly tries to escape despite my best effort to make bath time fun time) so we went out and played in the mud puddles left after all of the rain we have had lately....... lets just say that by the time we came in you could not tell that he was usually  a nice fluffy white westie!

Signs of spring were everywhere and although it was a little gloomy, it was still nice out (in the 60's F)


  1. Ohhh how we hate baths!!! Now she just puts me in the shower with her and closes the door so I can't her time to shampoo and condition me before I run away:) Looks like your hairs are coming back nicely! Enjoy the mud.

  2. Bahahaha...I feel your pain!! With all of the rain we had here this weekend, my couch is spattered with dirty paw prints :( I tried so very hard to wash Louis clean...but every single time he went out, he came back in with dirty paws.