Monday, February 7, 2011

Take a Breath!

 WARNING: reading below may subject you to a blogger rant : read at your own risk!

I have taken a little bit of time (the whole weekend actually) to calm down and still every moment, I think about it it makes me sad/upset........ what might you ask has gotten me to worked up?  Well, it was the experience with the "Groomer" (in quotations because I don't really think she qualifies!)  Last Friday I took Duncan to a groomer who claimed to know how to do a westie/scottie cut (which is pretty specific) and I should have known something wasn't right because he was shaking like a leaf the minute we walked in and WELL...... lets just say I came back to pick him up I barely recognized him!  She cut his beard REALLY short and left his back and tail all thick and curly and his hair is REALLY choppy! If I thought he looked like a rag-a-muffin before, he REALLY does now!  I did get some good advice which helped me relax,  a new blogger friend reminded me that hair grows back!  Thank you Hoke from  ! I read that comment right when I was having a melt down and it really helped me realize that my reaction was somewhat over-dramatic lol!  I cried, I ranted, and my husband (although he agrees the haircut was AWFUL) was laughing at me so yup I overreacted!  I am better now and have decided that it just means that Duncan is going to be wearing a lot of sweaters,tee's, and coats for awhile
Yep I over-reacted, he is still adorable to me!

and I definately learned my lesson which is if you have a good groomer, no matter how far away they are go to them!


Duncan after being "GROOMED" (see he is even unhappy )


  1. You know, I think we all have to go through this once. I picked up Louis once from a new groomer, and I couldn't even speak. She asked if I liked the cut, and TEN had to take the lead in the conversation because I really couldn't speak.

    But...his coat did grow back, and now I stick with the expensive groomer I was trying to replace. I will say, there are no pictures of Louis around the house from that "unfortunate hair cut" period though :)

  2. Oh Duncan in sorry you got a terrible haircut and I'm sorry your mom had a melt down....mine did too when I came home that one time looking like a white cat with tufts coming out of my sides like wings! It was awful and they called me kitty! But I said it cause I know will grow back. Just hold your little ears high and say who least You smell good!