Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If ya can't take the heat, stay in the.............


Lately (as with all over the United States) the temperatures gauges  have looked like this............

Not my pic..... got from google images!
It has been up to 110 and that is the actual air temperature!  Not the Heat index! It has been above 100 for two weeks!
Needless to say, we are trying to find ways to keep Duncan entertained IN the house......

He can be one BORED pup when he doesn't get his way and he certainly did NOT want to play with Mr. Bear  :(
He always gets his way!
Very Insistent!

So we have spent some quality time with his favorite ball

At first it took some convincing!

and he was all smiles!
But we got the message

I think we have achieved our goal of keeping our little man happy!!!!  Don't ya think ;0)


  1. Looks happy to us!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Happy Happy you are, you are!!! Hot here too!!! Thats what tile floors are for:)

  3. Okay - I know the bored look on westies and not getting exactly what they want ... I do keep a bully stick or two handy for them to chew on to help break up the day ... and sometimes I feel like a 'cruise director' trying to get them into various activities around the house when the heat is unbearable outside. Oh well, life with westies ... there's never a dull moment!

    Which breeder did you get Ducan from ... he's so cute.

    All the best, Katie from

  4. That is one happy pooch!

    Roodles, Stuart

  5. We actually adopted Duncan from our local humane society when he was 5 months old...... he had been rescued from a puppy mill. Poor little guy :(