Sunday, September 4, 2011

The trouble with Cupcakes

I  love to bake. I am the girl who on a lazy weekend will look up a new recipe or try something new. I have mastered the chocolate souffle, I have conquered the creme brulee (I even have a chef's torch) and I happen to make some pretty darn good cookies!( Scott's co-workers beg for them all the time) but I must admit there is one enemy that I have trouble defeating....... that enemy my friends is cake batter!   I can follow a recipe to the letter, use every tip in the book and yet when I try to make a cake from scratch it always comes out heavy, dense, and slightly dry.   Sadly when asked to make cupcakes for my BIL's birthday celebration while he visited I had to admit defeat and I used cake mix.... what really makes me mad was that they turned out PERFECT!!!  They were moist and fluffy and delish!!  Oh well I guess  a cake mix is easier anyway and I still put my own spin on things and made my own frosting.

German Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter whipped frosting and a reeses cup on top!

Note:  I may have lost the battle but the war wages on,  one day I WILL make good cake from scratch!


  1. The best part of cooking is getting to "try" the stuff before you serve it to make sure it's good!!

  2. I am a horrible baker :( I am just now learning to cook, so I'm hopeful I will master baking at some point.

  3. I'm with you on baking cakes/cupcakes from scratch - but I can make and have some excellent cookie recipes. When I need to make cupcakes I start with a mix and then pick out a recipes that uses the mix as a base, then I pump up the ingredients according to the recipe - they turn out excellent and no one knows - except you now!

    All the best in baking, Katie from