Sunday, July 25, 2010

Silly Sundays and Random stuff.

Every Sunday I am going to post something silly/random that I and/or Duncan have been up to lately or something we find funny. 
Here is the latest: 

 I just finished reading this book. It is a book that tries to tackle the mentality of dogs and single men.
(And that is a challenge considering the author is neither) 
This is a book to read if you wonder what dogs are thinking. The Main characters are Gil (a divorced construction/handyman) and his 4 dogs Jimmy,Cheney,Dinks, and Fruity. Gil seems to relate more to his dogs than other people in his life and each one of the dogs has a different personality which fits well with the different personalities we all see in our dogs,  There is the confidant dog that has had the same home his/her entire life, the rescue dog that has overwhelming fears of being abandoned, and there are the rescue dog that take a LONG time to learn the difference between peeing inside and outside lol!  Either way this book is a quick read that I truly enjoyed!        


This is what Duncan was doing while I read. zzzzz.......
So since Obviously I have been a boring human lately, Today we went for a walk and he seems much more excited about that then some stinky ole' book!

It was a little bit hot but we enjoyed it a lot!  Duncan get so excited that he doesn't know what to sniff first!

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