Sunday, August 1, 2010

Silly Sundays and Random stuff. Puppysitting/Duncan Playdate.

This Sunday I got to puppy sit for my parents two dogs Zooey ( red/brown mix rescue dog that my family found wondering skinny and scared as a 9 -10 month old pup but is now a fat and sassy 8 year old)  and Capella their new 5 month old HUGE Akbash/Anatolian Shepherd mix.  As soon as I told Duncan he got his favorite toys together so they could get some good play time in.  It was all smiles with Capella

 She and Duncan had a lot of fun play with the toys and chasing each other around
But Zooey was another story. She was above all the sillyness
As much as Duncan tried to pursade her, she would not budge from her comfy perch on the couch.
 Despite Mrs Priss and her attitude it was a fun day for all three......

and they all ended up tuckerd out by the end of the day!

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