Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More.... More.... oh I know you all wanted more :0)

I know you were all just dying to see more of my very non-professional white inspired photos....  okay maybe not but I found some more and thought I would share them with you :0)
Mr.Duncan Riley... looking oh so thoughtful
He Thinks very highly of himself all decked out in white :)  !
One of the geese at the park we like to go walking at :0)
They gave us attitude in this picture :0)
I told you I love a good snow.... just not when we are driving!
It does make for pretty scenery though :0)
The white capped mountains I flew over on my plan trip to Vegas!
The blooming pear tree in my parents back yard
Oh in case you were wondering I tend to agree with the scientists as far as whether or not white is a color... yep sure is. If you look at the visible light spectrum you get the colors of the spectrum by separating white light with a prism (sorry I just remembered something from physics WOW!) white is the culmination/dispersion of all of the colors in the light spectrum together where as black is the absence of any sort of light/ color.

I tend to like both.... sometimes white is refreshing but black can be so sleek and easy!


  1. We're black and white fans.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Although Mr. Duncan always steals my heart in pictures, I do believe the geese "giving attitude" is my fave from this bunch :) Your caption actually made me laugh out loud!