Monday, September 20, 2010

Every Smile.... A memory!

  a true and genuine smile may be recorded for now, but treasured as a memory for a lifetime . . . .


This Quote expresses why I love taking pictures! You can capture life.. the good, the bad, and the ugly!         I got a bit nostalgic here lately thinking about how often my sisters, cousins and I sit around Indian style on grandmas living room carpet and look through pictures some new, some old.... moments remembered and moments that happened before we were even born! Every single moment in the past, we can't go back, can't relive it and most everything in those photos is different now but we can look back and remember and laugh,cry, and go through almost every emotion imaginable. All because someone had the idea to bring a camera!  I love it!  It seems more and more lately that I have my camera permanently attached to my hand! Three Cheers to the fellow shutterbugs out there!


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  1. Oh my that last picture particularly...Duncan and Louis really could be twins! How fun :)

    Also, wanted to tell you in response to your comment about the car seat, Louis does just fine in it! He loves it. He wears his harness, and then there is a clip from the back of the carseat that clips onto his harness so that he can't jump out of it. BUT..he can still spin around and get settled. AND..he can stad up and stick his head out of the window in the back :) I let him do that since he is strapped in and can't jump! I got it for like $40 at PetSmart, and it has been the BEST investment!