Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gettin out of the house

Duncan looked bored stiff when I got home from work this afternoon.
See for yourself !

He barely moved his little head when I took pictures of him..... SOOOOOO I figured we needed a quick park outing PRONTO to pep us both up!  So after Darling hubby went to work we headed to the park to explore a little bridge that looked like fun.

It was a fun quick outing and Duncan has spent the rest of the evening zipping happily around me..... I guess I did my job ;0)


  1. Duncan is adorable; the pictures are great.

  2. That bridge looks very exciting! I wish there was a litle park closer to us. I have to load Louis up in the car to take him on walks and such. Well, to any place exciting anyway :)

  3. Funny how we just snap right out of it!! One minute its zzzzzzz the next minute we are all over the place like a busy little bee! Have fun!!

  4. That bridge looks great. I think a walk would pep me up too. I hope it stops raining.

    Oh and my name is Mai and I'm a Westie living in Slovenia (and just started blogging).

    Greetings from Slowenia,
    Mai the Westie