Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stop To Smell the Roses

I love fall but I think I am having trouble letting go of summer....... The leaves haven't started changing yet and although it is getting a little cooler at night, the days are still sunny and bright  but ya know what, on second thought that might be EXACTLY why I love fall!  The weather is beautiful, no more stifling heat! So the above pictures are just a bit of fun that Duncan and I had today while out and about!  I have been a little bit reclusive lately and thought a lot about things lately. I realized that Life has its ups and downs and I have been a grumpy gus lately but NO MORE!  I am going to try to appreciate the things in life that make me a lucky girl!

1) I have a roof over my head and food to eat and clean water to drink. This is simple and something we all take for granted but it is a MAJOR blessing!
2) I have a husband who loves me and is my best friend. He makes me laugh everyday and although I get angry or annoyed with him, he is my world!  He is a rock when I need it and bends with the winds of change when I need him to!
3) Duncan..... okay I can not say enough about this little guy in my life!  He brings joy, laughter, peace, companionship, and a bit of spunk to my world! He is always there with a westie grin and a happy dance when I get home and no matter how crappy my day was, he makes it better! He is unyielding in his sweetness and is the one presence in my life that never judges or shows anything but kindness. I guess that is why they say "Life is Merrier with  O' Terrier!
These are just three things off of the top of my head that I know make me lucky. There are many more things in my life worth mentioning but that would make for a LONG blog so I will just suffice to say that Big and Small there are millions of things to be grateful for everyday and I count my blessings! 

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  1. Love those pictures of Duncan! Sometimes you just have to stop and look at all the things you have.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella