Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Monday

Mondays can be stressful.
Mondays can be busy.
Mondays can make you miss the weekend.
Mondays can put you in a frenzy.
What we all need to remember about Mondays,
and all days as a matter of fact,
is that they only come around once a week,
and it takes a whole week before they come back!
-Ashleigh E.
It seems like Mondays are always busy, hectic, and full of grumpy people mourning the loss of another beautiful but all too short weekend.  So I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got through their day with a smile on their face and  I think I am gonna kick back this evening with a nice cup of hot tea and enjoy my monday evening....... heck I won't have to deal with another monday until it comes around next week! ;0) 

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