Sunday, October 10, 2010

Disappearing Squirrels

Sniffing the surroundings as we started our walk

He spotted his first squirrel


Along the way I finally spotted signs of fall!  Leaves were falling everywhere!

Figuring out which way to go first

The light and the trees were beautiful (much more so in person!)

The walking bridge over the creek

If you look closely you can see the first sighting of a squirrel taunting us

Climbing up a tree with a nut or acorn still in its mouth

Sniffing around down near the creek

Something sure was interesting!

Finally a Fall Leaf!!!!!!  (the trees aren't changing to rapidly around here)

We went for a Walk at the park on Saturday. It was REALLY funny!  Duncan still can not figure out that squirrels are quick climbers so every time he sees one and it disappears up a tree he goes to where he saw the squirrel and sniffs and looks around wondering where in the world the elusive little critter went and why it didn't want to play with him! Thus we spent half of our time sniffing trees and walking around in circles HAHAHA!  Hopefully soon the trees will fully change and I will get some good pictures. Oh and stay tuned because I still need to post pictures of Duncan in his halloween costume and I do believe that some pumpkin carving is in order very soon! 


  1. Duncan will figure it out soon!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. I love this post! Louis does the same thing Duncan does. I was actually starting to get a little bit worried about him :( Like that perhaps he was slow? But I think that westies are just so fabulous that they don't really care about things that can go places they can't. Yes. That must be it...